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Arrest Warrants

What is an Arrest Warrant?

An arrest warrant is a court order signed by a judge or magistrate authorizing law enforcement to arrest a suspect. A warrant may be issued in the following circumstances:


  • a criminal investigation conducted by law enforcement has determined that probable cause exists to believe you committed a crime;
  • you have been indicted by a grand jury;
  • you failed to appear in court on a schedule court date;
  • you failed to comply with a court order or violated the terms of your probation.

If you believe an arrest is imminent

o the worst thing you can do is ignore the warrant or try to outrun law enforcement.

arrest warrant defense lawyer.

Instead, you need to be proactive and


proactive approach and surrendering yourself or working with an experienced Columbus defense lawyer as a legal mediator between you and the court system often puts you in a more favorable light with the judge, and may open up resolution opportunities that don’t involve jail time.

What is a Bench Warrant? 

A bench warrant

Bench Warrant — issued from judge’s bench, roll call in court and you didn’t appear court proceeding

violated court order contempt of court

forgetfulness, a valid excuse, or a strong fear and/or misunderstanding of the Ohio legal process.family emergency

criminal record Failure to Appear

already convicted on probation, fail to show proof of progress or completion , drug or community service

failure to meet court requirement

  • Failing to appear in court on a scheduled court date
  • Failing to complete community service by a scheduled date
  • Failing to pay a fine on time
  • Failing to satisfy any other condition of sentencingrevocation of bail, re-sentencing to jail time, and bail-jumping charges.
  • A lawyer can best explain to the court why your release status shouldn’t be changed, or why a more burdensome sentence shouldn’t be imposed.  A lawyer can help you prepare for your return to court, by recommending helpful documents or witnesses for you to assemble before the court appearance.


How is a Search Warrant Obtained?

if law enforcement believes they have enough evidence to suspect probable cause that a crime has been committed, they can submit a written affidavit to the court to obtain an arrest warrant. An arrest warrant is a written document signed by a judge or magistrate authorizing an individual’s immediate arrest. Once an arrest warrant has been secured, a law enforcement official has the right to detain the person named in the warrant.