Most Common Federal Crimes

Posted on : October 21, 2017
hire a criminal defender you can turn to for federal crimes

Have you or someone you know recently been accused of a federal crime? Do you think you might already be under investigation? If so, the right thing to do is to contact a lawyer you can trust to help you figure out how to protect yourself. The feds have probably already spent time looking into the case well in advance of charging you, so you need to move quickly on defending yourself.

Did you know that in addition to being accused of misdemeanors and felonies at the state level, that there are specific crimes that could cause you to face serious consequences if convicted? There are certain areas of criminal law that impacts the entire country and therefore, these issues are assigned as federal crimes. These are the crimes that are allegedly interconnected with interstate commerce including high jacking trucks in interstate commerce, threatening a federal public official, interstate drug trafficking, bank robbery, kidnapping beyond state lines, internet child pornography, organized crimes, using U.S. mail for fraudulent purposes, and counterfeiting.


Furthermore, criminal acts that impact the military will also lead to federal prosecution, federal crimes involving the post office, involve soliciting funds that are sent fraudulently by mail, mailing illegal drugs, mailing dangerous or toxic substances or transmitting ransom notes by mail. Furthermore, there may be charges assessed with crimes tied to the IRS including tax fraud, tax evasion and failure to withhold federal taxes from a paycheck.


Any crime that involves federal benefits such as receiving Medicaid or Medicare can also be classified as a federal crime. Federal crimes may involve investigation by government agencies and by the time you realize that you are under investigation or are facing charges, the case may have already been developed against you. This is why it is imperative to identify an attorney who has extensive experience in managing federal crimes such that you have someone looking out for your interests for the duration of the case. Do not hesitate to get help if you believe you are already under investigation for a federal crime as it could be a crucial opportunity for you to learn how to protect yourself.

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