Police Officers Can Be Arrested, Too

Posted on : November 12, 2017
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Anyone can be arrested for misdemeanor and felony charges, but the stakes might be higher if your employment makes you a member of the public eye. In addition to criminal consequences, someone who is accused and convicted of a crime while holding a position of authority or trust may be facing administrative consequences, too.

For example, a doctor accused of Medicaid fraud might lose their license to practice or get suspended for a certain period of time. Police officers, too, can be arrested and deal with both criminal and administrative backlash. No matter who has been charged, the right criminal defense attorney should be retained immediately so you know what to expect as the case moves forward in the criminal justice system.

A study found that police officers can get arrested as well. You might often think that these officers could be above the law because of their connections or familiarity with most commonly charged crimes, but nationwide police officers are arrested 1100 times annually. That equates to approximately 3 per day. Being accused of any crime as a police officer carries additional ramifications for their reputation and their career. A commission of a crime can affect anybody. The most common crimes were aggravated assault, simple assault, drunken driving, and sex crimes.

Approximately 72% of police officers charged in cases with a known outcome were convicted at the time of the study. More than 40% of the crimes alleged against police officers were committed while on duty and nearly 95% of the police officers accused were men. This study was completed by Bowling Green State University with a grant from the Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice.

Anyone who is facing criminal allegations can benefit from consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Criminal defense allegations are serious and can harm your reputation, character, and professional opportunities in the future. If convicted, you could be facing additional penalties that could make it very challenging for you to move on with your life. This is why it is strongly recommended that you schedule a consultation immediately with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.


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