Study Shows That Concealed Carry Could Lead to a 15% Increase in Violent Crimes

Posted on : March 5, 2018

Anyone who is caught with a weapon during an alleged commission of a crime could be looking at felony consequences in the case. There are many different factors to consider in putting together the defense strategy concerns, and getting support from an experienced lawyer is likely the only way to avoid severe penalties and future problems. You deserve to have support from an attorney who has concern for your best interests, especially if you are accused of other crimes in conjunction with a weapons charge.


More studies than ever are looking into the applications of what causes violent crime and what raises it to a very high amount. A recent study identified that concealed carry laws may increase the chances of violent crime. Weapons charges are pursued quite actively against people who allegedly have violated existing laws. The recent working paper that was circulated by the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that data from 11 states across 14 years in which right to carry laws were active, did not lead to a decrease in crime.

By the tenth year of these laws, violent crime was up as high as 15% in these various states. Furthermore, carrying guns on a person has already been connected to making an individual an easier robbery target that could lead to 100,000 more guns being placed on the street and the associated violence. There has been an increasing concern about gun violence across the United States which are leading police officers to investigate an act in these situations sooner rather than later.

This could lead to unfortunate altercations or even criminal charges being applied to the people who have been accused of carrying a gun inappropriately. Even a concealed carry could lead to an accidental fire or a situation escalating faster than anticipated. These are all serious situations that should be investigated with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer as soon as possible.


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