Study Shows That Coverage of Criminal Justice Issues Will Decline

Posted on : February 22, 2018

In many cases of vast changes to the criminal justice system, the tide began to turn with the news media when a prominent case or instances of apparent injustice were shared. The news media has always played a critical role in staying on top of these concerns and presenting an objective view of the conditions in the criminal justice system.

A new study that analyzes the number of journalists associated with criminal coverage is on the decline and this could lead to reduced coverage in critical criminal justice issues that affect those accused of crime. The latest annual review of crime journalism in the United States says that the reduced media resources available to cover justice and crime issues could be detrimental to the public at large, as well as those people accused of crime.

A media columnist for the Washington Post shared that the workforce of U.S. newspapers decreased significantly in the last 15 years and the number of reporters that are covering developments in criminal justice policy has decreased as well.

This was an annual criminal justice journalists’ study that also shows that the most attention in the media was associated with sexual abuse scandals, the opioid crisis, immigration issues and mass shootings. The review says that newspapers are not the only source of local reporting, and while community newspapers, radio stations and televisions have helped to cover some local issues linked to criminal justice, that the lack of journalists in this field could be detrimental to people who are curious about developments in policy and protections for those who have been accused of crimes.

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