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Pittsburgh, PA DUI

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Have you already been pulled over for DUI in Pittsburgh? Not knowing how to handle this situation or how to protect your rights could cost you your freedom. The sooner you hire an experienced Pittsburgh DUI lawyer, the easier it will be to protect your interests in the criminal justice system in Pennsylvania.

The prosecution has to prove three different things in your case in order to succeed with a conviction. If there are gaps in the case, your criminal defense lawyer can use this information to help protect your freedom.

DUI Penalties In Pittsburgh PA

There are three tiers of DUI arrests in Pittsburgh. The first is reserved for those with an undetermined BAC or those whose levels came in between .08 percent and .099 percent. This category might also include those drivers who were not over the legal limit when pulled over, but whose driving was impaired enough by alcohol that it represented a danger to others. The least extreme penalties are associated with these cases.

The second tier involves DWI offenses in which the BAC is less than twice the legal limit. Usually, offenders in this category will have a BAC between .10 percent and .159 percent.

The final tier is the most serious and therefore has the most severe penalties associated with it. If the BAC of the driver-tested at twice the legal limit or if the person was caught under the influence of a controlled substance, the consequences for this tier may apply.

Aggressive DUI Charges In Pittsburgh, PA

You might think that your DUI was an honest mistake, but the authorities pursue these cases aggressively and will do everything possible to get a conviction. If you think that your rights were violated in their efforts to obtain such a conviction, you can use this information with your criminal defense lawyer.

Get Help With Your Pittsburgh DUI Charges Now

An attorney is a vital component of your ability to fight back when an officer accuses you of driving under the influence. If the officer had not properly calibrated the machine to determine your BAC or if other extenuating circumstances apply, you need to set aside time to talk with a lawyer you can trust. Your future may depend on the selection of the right attorney. Call now!

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